A Day at Busch Gardens and an Experiment

I have just started a ten minute timer. I am going to write until it runs out. I am going to make this a nightly habit. I am going to sit down and write out the events of the day every night before I go to sleep. Think of it as forced journaling or whatever you’d call that.

Today we took the children up to Busch Gardens. I can’t really say we took the children as we would have gone with or without them. We had the passes before they were born and before we thought we were even capable of still having children. That’s what happens when you have children later in life. They tag along for the things you’d have done anyway.

Back to Busch Gardens. It was the last day of the food and wine festival and the first full weekend without mask mandates. This led to the park being the most crowded I have seen it outside of a July 4 weekend. It looks like Busch Gardens is going to have a good year. I imagine a lot of vacation type places are going to have good years.

I will tell you what I think of the honor system for masks by simply stating that I haven’t seen much honor from the anti-mask crowd over the past year. When I saw people walking around wearing their Trump regalia I couldn’t help but think that they shouldn’t be allowed to wear the harnesses on the roller coasters since they don’t give a wit about safety measures.

Now for the children. I can’t say if they had fun or not. They got hot. Abigail slept for most of our time there because it was really too hot for her. The boys enjoyed riding around in the stroller but were even happier to be let loose in The Land of the Dragons but that proved to be too advanced for them. They need a year or two on them for that, and as I saved Sesame Street for last we were too hot and tired for it when we’d returned to it.

I remember the days when I would complete multiple circuits of Busch Gardens riding rides two or three times in a day and staying from open to close. I was also younger then and liked to go on weekdays in the summer. Most of my existence has been dedicated to avoiding crowds and I have done a good job thus far.

The food and wind portion of the food and wine festival was good. They didn’t have plum wine this year which is disappointing but what they did have was very good and I ate and rank my way around the park. Overall I feel we all got our money’s worth. I rode one roller coaster, ate lots of food, drank some beer and wine, and played with my children including riding one kids ride with Roland, but he was tired then and tried to snuggle and doze off.

That’s the end of my ten minutes. See you tomorrow night.

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