What Dreams May Come

It isn’t because of this journaling, I am going to call it that for lack of a better term but I think of it more as a free writing adventure, but I had a very vivid and scary dream. It wasn’t a nightmare. It was a dream with a scary ending. Myself and my family were walking from Kansas City to Pittsburgh. Don’t ask me why. We had just crested a hill and were looking at the ruins of a massive casino that was more like a shopping mall. We headed down the hill and at the bottom was a fountain. Roland wanted to run through the fountain and we let him. This fountain was more like the L.A. river in miniature. Like a trench with water running through it. My son ran gleefully from one end towards the other and I beside him. However at the end of it he dropped and was holding onto a crate above a storm drain. I reached him in time and had his hand in mine and then he fell away from me. I dived in after him but was unable to reach him in time. I woke up and didn’t go back to sleep.

Don’t ask me what it means. It isn’t the first vivid dream I have head recently. Like I said it isn’t because of this, but it is strange. My dreams aren’t normally this vivid. I had one the other night where Roland was grown up and I was helping him to hunt down a crime syndicate. We had all the evidence we needed on our computer but before we could turn it in the file was replaced with one that said, “Boiling water melts head,” and that was exactly what it was a video of. It was the last person that had gone after the crime syndicate sitting at her desk before viewing a video showing her her impending death. Then the title of the video happened. A ladle of boiling water was poured over her head and it melted. It was very strange and way too vivid. I didn’t sleep much after that either.

Who knows what dreams may come. Hamlet certainly didn’t. I do hope they are better than those two. I like sleeping and I like getting a good night’s sleep. The waking world is bad enough as it is. I don’t need the horrors to follow me to bed. I’d much rather everything stay out here in the waking world. Let it wait for me to be ready instead of ambushing my while I sleep. I am just about out of time and thank you for reading this. I am not certain it is interesting in anyway or who exactly I am writing this for. They say to know your audience and I don’t know what audience would want to read my journaling nor can I promise I stay myself the entire time, but we shall see. See you tomorrow night.

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