A Tiring Time

I really don’t know how to describe what having three children under two 16 months apart in age is like. They are wild. One is always screaming. Most times I can’t think. Concentrating on anything is impossible. Any task longer than four minutes is impossible. I realized tonight bedtime is a two person job. I’ve always known this but tonight drove it home as I was on my own.

After about two hours of trying to get them to sleep they did go to sleep and for half that time the six month old baby girl was asleep but then she woke up while her brothers were still running around unleashing hell upon the world. I tried laying next to their bed to keep them from getting out but that only encouraged them to jump on me and now my back hurts. My one sone invented his first finishing move where he stands on your back and then falls to his butt driving his tailbone into your spin. It doesn’t feel pleasant.

That might be what it is like to have three children. It is having a baby screaming in your ear because she was woken up while having a toddler’s tailbone driven into your spine while his twin brother is using your legs as a slide and saying, “Weeee.” I think that about sums it up.

Either way bedtime is a true adventure and the true test of anyone’s patience. They weren’t going to sleep until they got all their energy out and them getting all their energy out involved them beating and nearly destroying me. All while their sister was screaming and not sleeping because she had to be part of the action.

Tonight is one of those nights that makes me wonder how anyone ever raised children, and really makes me wonder what it most be like to have parent’s that aren’t double your age after you choose to have kids late in life living near you. What it most be like for those extra lucky parents that have both sets of their parents living near them. Imagine having options in where to take your children and siblings to.

They could go to their aunt’s one day, uncle’s the next, maternal grandparents after that, and finally the paternal grandparents. We don’t have that. It is us and only us. My parents are in the area as in my one sister but none of them are in the condition to take on all three of these children for multiple hours. No one person is. It takes an army to deal with beings such as these. I have no idea what spawned them upon this earth. My lower back might and it’s answer isn’t a pleasant one.

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