The Conjuring 3 and Some Things are Permanent Now

I don’t know how many of the Conjuring movies I have seen. I believe it is all the main ones and a couple of the Annabelle movies. I think that is all. I have seen zero of them in the theater and would not have watched the third one opening weekend if it were only in theaters. I am not even certain I have much interest in returning to a movie theater.

Think of it this way. It costs $15 for a movie ticket, possibly more, then I have to pay for a baby sitter, be at the theater at the appointed time, stay for the duration of the movie plus previews and other trivialities, and if we wanted dinner add a few more bucks to that. Some of that doesn’t count for a movie from The Conjuring series. My wife would never go to see it, but when would I go to a movie.

As discussed last evening I need to be home for bedtime. My wife asked me if my saying it were a two person job meant I’d be more involved in bedtime and I said I’m on standby. That’s what the second person is for. To occupy the boys if the baby girl wakes up or to take care of the baby girl. If I enter the room once the boys are starting to settle it would make matters worse, but it is possible to keep an ear open and run upstairs if needed and then there is the tag team method we have employed a few times. I read to the children for a bit then their mother comes in and finishes the sitting with them while they drift off. That method has worked quite well a few times.

When I go to movies it is in the midday time period. I prefer the first showing of the day, less people. I was an expert at social distancing before it was even a thing. I liked being in an empty theater. In a full theater there is always someone there that wants to talk to the movie or test on their cellphone or ask questions to the person they are with about plot points that haven’t been revealed yet. There are few better ways to ruin a movie than seeing it with a large group of strangers.

As for the movie itself I enjoyed the mystery aspect of it. The part of horror movies I like the most is watching them solve who or what is behind the horror. That is the best part for me. I am hopeful that the change over from movies to streaming continues and that options are kept open for people like me who never really liked being in a crowded theater and have limited time and ability to make it to one. I do hope that some things are perm

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