I Hope You Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder

Characters and stories on the television have stopped being background noise and have started to teach my twin boys things. This has been going on for a few months now, but it has become more and more apparent recently. When characters spin on the tv they spin, they repeat the words they hear, and they have started to sing along to the theme songs. It is fascinating to watch.

One thing they have really started to like are dinosaurs. They stomp and roar like dinosaurs whenever one comes on the TV. So when I heard that the animatronic dinosaurs were back at The Virginia Living Museum we had to go.

I first saw the animatronic dinosaurs at The Baltimore Science Center when I was somewhere between four and eight. I can’t remember exactly but I was already well aware of what dinosaurs were and was very happy for this exhibit. Later in life I saw them again at The Virginia Living Museum and I knew that my sons had to see them as well. Especially with them stomping and roaring around the living room at the mere mention of the word dinosaur.

The unfortunate part was as soon as we walked into the exhibit they turned around and ran out. We let them out of their carriage and were going to let them run around but all they did was run straight back to us. They wanted nothing to do with the dinosaurs and the only stomping and roaring that happened was from the robots.

I was hoping to see the excitement in their eyes and their sense of wonder on display, but instead they were afraid. They liked the dinosaurs as long as they were in their carriage and they did roar at the ones outside, but inside they wanted to be held and get away.

The rest of the museum still held fun and wonder for them. They loved looking at the fish and were very fascinated by the birds and animals outside. They were most happy when we came across a kids play area and a table of blocks though and I think we know what we are getting them for Christmas this year.

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