Sweet Dreams to Come

Going to sleep tonight is going to be fantastic. I look forward to that more than I look forward to most things. Today was neither a long or a hard day. I did mostly nothing or as close to it as I often get to on the weekends. I had a few jobs but nothing close to what is normal for a weekend. This is what I call the June swoon in the pet care industry. Mid-day visits are dropping off and vacations have yet to start up.

There are enough people out of town where I do have work to do but it is nothing like what is coming which often gives me a sense of urgency. I know June is my last chance to get a lot of summer activities in before things really kick off. We have hired and trained and hired and trained but owning a business is a lot like setting up nets to catch the rain. They will never catch it all and it is always the business owner who is ultimately responsible for anything that goes wrong.

But I’d rather not talk business. Let’s talk about those summer plans. Tonight I tried to go to a carnival. It didn’t work. The first parking lot we tried was completely full and as we drove to the next lot we passed the carnival and it was a sea of humanity. I have never seen a carnival that crowded. Especially, a small one like this. It didn’t look like it would be possible to move around and we decided doing something else was a better choice as we just wanted to walk around for the sights and sounds and maybe a candied apple.

Our first choice was the chocolate store at Town Center but that was closed as well. As we were already at Town Center we walked around and took in the sights and sounds there. There was some live music but everything that wasn’t a restaurant had closed early because it is Sunday and we’re far enough south that that’s a thing. So, after a brief walkabout we loaded the children back in the car and drove to an ice cream parlor.

It is funny that there is an ice cream parlor in this particular location again as it was one when I was a kid and now it is again. Not the same chain but still what is becoming a local chain. This is their second location. The first is even close to our house and if that were our original destination perhaps we would have stayed close to home. The ice cream was good and the kids were crazy and that is all we can ask.

The best laid plans oft go awry as the Scottish poets say and tonight was one of this instances. We didn’t get to do our carnival, but we did get our ice cream and the kids had fun. That is what really matters. Plans can change and adjust all they want but what matters is the end result. Life is for the kids now and their happiness is ultimate. Now I need to lay down and recover from another weekend of making them happy and when I wake up we’re going to attempt to take them to the beach, because, again, their happiness is all that matters.

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