Tourist Day

This morning we took a trip to the beach. That isn’t too hard to do when you live in The City of Virginia Beach. It is very easy, actually. The hardest part of this trip to the beach was unloading the kids at the beach. The boys didn’t want to walk on the sand. They don’t like getting dirty and felt that the sand shouldn’t touch their hands or feet. They had to be carried down the beach and my arms were full with towel and beach chair and my wife was overloaded with the beach bag, diaper bag, and our seven month old daughter.

Despite the struggles of getting the children on the beach and situated it was an easy trip and an easier time than I imagined. The morning is a great time to go. Plenty of parking and the sun isn’t yet beating down on you. I still got sun sick. Had a bad headache after being out on the beach and just needed to lay down. Unfortunately I didn’t get to do that.

More important than our trip today was the thought I had while standing on the beach. I wondered what it would be like to have a tourist day. I asked my wife about possibly heading to the zoo today but that isn’t really a tourist day. That involves going to another city. The rule for a tourist day would be simple. You have one day in the city, town, or county in which you live to do all the things that must be done. Pick the top four or five things and do them as if it were the only time you’d ever be in that city.

For Virginia Beach I think the tourist day would start much as our day today started. With a trip to the beach. I really don’t know how long one needs to stay at the beach but I imagine an hour or two will do and then off to brunch at Bay Local. After that a trip to the aquarium and then the water park next door. This wastes lunch but we will make up for that by heading for dinner after the water park at Margie and Ray’s. After dinner head down as far as you can into Sandbridge at watch the sunset over the Back Bay.

The funny thing about that day is it sounds nice but feels like I’m missing a lot. I’m not certain I want to do my tourist day. I think I might like to do someone else’s. So, let’s end this with a question. If you had one day in the city, town, or county in which you live what would you do? What activities must you experience?

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