Who Put Leon Lett in charge of the Vaccines

Forget my headline that dates me for a minute and let’s talk about the fact that covid deaths are now back over 1,000 a day. It is really disappointing because we were right there. We had this thing. We had won. All people had to do was to get a little shot. Something that no one should be afraid of.

I keep thinking about those fetch quests that are in every roll playing video game where you have to deliver medicine to the villagers. They never tell you what happens after you drop it off. Well it turns out that half the villagers refuse to take the medicine and everyone dies anyway.

This is where we are as a country. We were about to cross the goal line and then some no-account halfwit drops the ball and we end up right back where we started. I certainly feel more secure having taken the vaccine. Having given my body the schematics to fight covid more effectively if I should get it. But I feel bad for the dead and dying that couldn’t get the vaccine for one reason or another.

We need to approve the vaccine for children. Once my kids have it my level of empathy for the fools drops to zero. If it were up to me every refugee from Afghanistan or the southern border would be offered the vaccine and if they take it they become American citizens and anyone in America that refuses the vaccine is stripped of their citizenship and exiled to the bottom of the sea.

If that sounds a little angry it is because it is. It is the same reaction I had when I watched Pete Kozma deliver a knockout blow to the chances of the 2012 Nationals or Gilbert Arenas miss two free-throws for the Wizards. We were right there and then the ball squirted through Buckner’s legs. We had the game won. Covid was on the ropes awaiting the kill shot and instead of delivering it we let a bunch of idiots who think freedom is anarchy drag us down.

The only thing worse than a fool is the one that listens them, and as a country we listened too much to the fools. If they want to cry and whine in the streets and talk about freedoms they neither respect or understand then let them. Get the kids vaccinated and let the lemmings march themselves off the cliff.

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