Responsibility is Overrated

Last night right before I started writing we got a client request for visits for this weekend. They had had a death in the family and needed pet care. We sent the message around to a few of our staff and no one was available. It is already a busy weekend. It is also a weekend where we have guests coming in from out of town and I do not want to give that up. I was a tad miffed when writing last night and found it hard to concentrate.

That leads us to tonight where we have more threats to derail this weekend. A client’s dog decided to go after one of our employees tonight. We have informed them of how to deal with dogs like tis but that doesn’t mean it will work and as the priority is the care of the animal it might fall on me to do it. This will miff me even worse as I have things set in a way that, while not ideal, works.

It has been a long time since I have seen these friends of mine and I am looking forward to it greatly. I would prefer a clear weekend but that wasn’t possible with staff needing time off and having an absolute ton of visits. I need to look at it and see exactly what we have going on. I am certain it is crazy and that is how things have been during these covid times. The week long vacations have not been occurring but every weekend has been nuts.

We have had quite a run of bad luck recently but we are surviving and now that we have bookings coming in fast and furious the economic stress portion of the stress is gone and with that gone it is all about putting one foot in front of the other and getting things done.

That means things aren’t that bad. It could be much worse. We’ve seen worse. These past couple years have taught us worse. Regular stress and toil is so much better than the stress and toil of a poor economic situation. These situations that have arisen recently can be dealt with. Even if my weekend ends up getting blown up I will be miffed and upset but it won’t cause stress because, for now, the business is good.

That is all I have to say tonight but I have two minutes left and the rules are the rules. I think I got into a flow tonight and was able to type much faster than normal. Usually at this point the alarm has sounded and I am wrapping things up, but tonight I am waiting for the alarm to sound. I do like typing on this machine. It corrects my mistakes or suggests words far better than the other machine.

I also do not know if this helped the objective of raising my creativity. It doesn’t seem that it has as I haven’t even opened the document I started doing this to work on. There was the timer and I am done.

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