Welcoming Old Friends

We have friends visiting from out of town and before they arrived I realized that they might need things we do not have. Before they arrived this afternoon I called my wife and asked her what our guests might need. She didn’t know and the only thing I could think of was milk. We don’t drink milk and don’t have it on hand often and other people might like to have milk. We decided not to buy milk.

I still felt that we needed something. The rule of hospitality demands a gift for your guests, and so I bought cookies. I went to the Crumpl Cookies location in Hilltop and acquired a dozen cookies. The reason for this is first and foremost that I like cookies, as do most people, and that cookies are delicious.

The thing with Cumpl Cookie is they sell their cookies weird. You can get one, four, or twelve cookies. There were going to be four adults in the house and several children. We needed more than four cookies but less than a dozen. I did the maths though and discovered that two four packs was less than a dollar less than getting the full dozen. That is four whole cookies for less than a dollar. I had to get the dozen, and so I did.

As I was walking out of the store I muttered to myself that I hope these people like cookies. So far it has been good. I do not know how many cookies remain but we have made a mark on them, and the chocolate chip cookies we got are always good. The other two flavors I decided on where the Oreo cookie cookie and the marshmallow cupcake cookie. The Oreo cookie cookie is a little sweet for me with the frosting on top and the chocolate marshmallow cupcake is the perfect level of sweetness.

Aside from having delicious cookies on hand the time with friends is always good. It is even better when it is old friends. The type of friends where the years melt away and when you are with them it is like no time has passed at all. All that exists is the familiar comforts of friendship and you end up doing the things you have always done.

There is nothing in the world like good friends and it is even better to have cookies to share with good friends. Friendship and cookies, a timeless classic.

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