Rest Has Caught Up to Weariness

It is strange to think about this writing endeavor. I don’t know the point of it. Is it to get my thoughts down before bed and help me clear my mind? Is it a reading journal, of sorts? Is it a place to list all the things I didn’t get done during the day? Or is it just to see what happens if I write everyday?

I originally thought I was starting a habit and these little journal entries would morph into something else. I’d end up writing short fiction or poems or something more interesting then here is how my day has been, and my readership shows some other people thought I would as well. It went from around 20 a post down to two or three now. It is weird to think about that. It should be clear I’m not writing for the following by now, but it is nice to have.

Today was good. I got to catch up on a lot that I’d missed during the week. Watched an episode of a couple tv shows, read for a bit, played video games, and hung out with my family. Didn’t have a lot of work to do and this coming week appears to be light at the moment. I wish we could have done more. The Neptune Fest is this weekend but we can’t go to that with the covid outbreak at the boys’ school. That would be irresponsible. It’s best to avoid people as much as we can, especially the boys.

Other than catching up on things I started watching the show Midnight Mass. It was your standard horror tv show first episode. Slow pace, beautiful cinematography, and odd camera angles. We got introduced to all the major players, a couple side plots, and a hint at the main plot. I’ll come back for the second episode.

There is a timeless feeling to horror shows. If it wasn’t for a few of the posters on characters’ walls and a lone cell phone appearing this show could be set in anytime. It is on a small New England island forgotten by man and time. The setting for horror since Nathaniel Hawthorn was writing or Cotton Mather if you want to call him the first American horror writer. He certainly wrote a real life episode of American horror.

It’s interesting how regional American genres are, and horror and New England just seem to go together. Overall it was a good day. Can’t complain much now that rest has caught up to the weariness.

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