The Longest Week

I cannot express how long this week has been. I cannot believe it is finally Friday. I am somehow amazed that this week has ended and at the same time surprised it is still going on. I woke up Wednesday morning and was happy it was the weekend. That is how long this week has been.

To put it into other terms between the end of last week and today I read four books. Three of them audio books and one physical book. I actually don’t know how I finished the physical book. I was barely at home. I got up at 5:00 AM or earlier every day this week and home at almost 9:00 PM on quite a few of them.

This week has been stressful in every way possible. The week started with a client from hell. Complaining about the nice picture of her dog our team member sent to her and then complaining that we offer to do house sitting tasks on top of taking dogs for a walk. This now former client was complaining about the things other people love about our services. It was insane and we had to get rid of this person.

That was all action that happened between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. I don’t even remember Monday or Tuesday happening but Wednesday night we got news that there had been a positive covid case from the boys pre-school and now there are five students and four staff that have tested positive.

When your child was born 13 weeks early with underdeveloped lungs the news that they might have been exposed to a respiratory disease and they have suddenly developed a racking cough is stressful. It is stressful in a way I cannot describe nor to I expect many to understand. I know for a fact many choose not to understand. They choose their ignorance and wear it as a badge of honor.

I am glad this week is coming to an end. I will be very happy to see it go and I hope next week things slow down a tad and we get some good news after our son’s doctors appointment.

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