Unfinished Business

Last night I had to cut my writing short because I had to go help with the children. It was ironic in a way as the post was about how unruly kids are and how we only tolerate it because they are cute. I am certain every parent has found themselves laughing at their children while scolding them at the same time. They are little monsters.

Life with children is chaos. There is no order or structure or anything of the like. My wife and I are discussing attempting to get healthy again. Or not so much getting healthy as neither of us have too many health issues but more getting back into shape or at least better shape than we’re in now. We both could stand to lose around 30 lbs. Probably the same situation as most Americans.

I looked into a couple options and both the rec centers and the local YMCA have daycare options. The problem is the YMCA cost more per month than a fancy private gym. It is a bit insane when you consider it shouldn’t. I have to admit I don’t know much about the YMCA outside of the song but I thought they were a discount place. Didn’t expect them to cost as much as a Lifetime Fitness.

The rec centers look good. We can go to every one of them in the city for one yearly price that is the same as a month at the YMCA or the aforementioned private gym. The rec centers give us options too. If I happen to not like one or end up near a different one with time to kill then I can pop in and grab a workout or some cardio. It also gives me another excuse to get some head phones.

Speaking of the cost and the daycare it is insane that a person could take their kids to a gym and workout for a lot less than they could take their kids to a daycare. As our business is run mostly from our phones we could take our kids to the daycare at the gym and then go and sit in the lounge and work for the entire day for significantly less than any daycare facility out there.

Hell, I could take the kids over there and sit down and read in peace and quiet without having to wait for them to go to sleep. This might be better than actually getting workouts in. The daycare part could be the best part. It is like a loophole built in the whole system. Drop off the kids at the gym, sneak out a locker room window, and BOOM low cost daycare.

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