Was That the Intent

There are times when I am watching a movie or TV show that I question if that was the intent. It happened the other day when I was watching TV and this character explained why they didn’t use modern technology by saying that a person from the 1400’s would be able to exist easily in the 1700’s but a person from 1970 would go crazy in today’s world. I thought that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard and ever since I’ve debated if that was the intent.

Think about it for a second. I am sure what we have today seems radical by comparison to what was around in 1970 but what I am doing now was possible then. This just happens to be a typewriter connected to an instant and automatic newsletter. It’s not that different.

Texting has been around even longer, since the telegraph was invented, and even before that in the form of carrier pigeons and other forms of quick messages. The technology we have today is simply better versions of things that have been around for a very long time and someone from the 1970’s would easily be able to understand it. I mean just ask anyone over the age of 41 if they can function in today’s would.

I have to think that was the intent. The line was inserted to make you realize how full of crap this character was. The thought process sounds logical and legit but it is downright insane when you think about it for longer than a second.

I can’t help but think of my own parents who grew up listening to the radio at home because there wasn’t any television and now use their smart phones better than a lot of people a quarter of their age. So much of today’s crazy technology that would drive a person from 50 years ago crazy are things that could be easily explained.

I sometimes think about how crazy Amazon is but it is no different than a catalog. It just happens to be a very large catalog that tracks all your movements and knows all your likes and dislikes better than you. I swear the Amazon book recommendations are sometimes too accurate.

And I really do think that was the intent. Here is a character full of crap let’s have him say something stupid.

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