Stepping in the Same River

I like the saying about how no man can step in the same river twice because he is not the same man and it is not the same river. That is what returning to a gym is like. There is the very obvious fact that it isn’t the same gym but I am far from the same man as well. It has been three or four years since I was in a gym and even longer since I had a workout routine.

My current plan doesn’t exactly involve any type of routine either but at least it is a plan. The plan is to go to the gym and use cardio equipment. I am considering doing some moderate to light weight lifting but that is where no longer being the same man comes in heavily.

Long gone are the days when I will be benching 315 for reps. It is sad to think that progress has halted in that regard and while I think I could get back there the amount of work would be too much. I want to enjoy going to the gym this time instead of tricking myself into enjoying the results but dreading the workouts.

The big trick is I am not allowed to use the new ear phones I bought in my house. I can only use them at the gym. Meaning if I want to listen to an audio book outside of my car the only place I can do it is at the gym. If I decide I want to listen to something I have to drive to the gym and get on a piece of cardio equipment or lift some weights. There will be no sitting in a recliner and listening to any books on tape.

Those are the rules. Today I didn’t do that though because a lane was opened in the pool and I love swimming. Swimming is my favorite form of exercise. My body felt like a rusted piece of disused equipment today. It was like my body knew what to do in the pool and could do it but it was very difficult and I could feel the muscle fatigue after just a few laps.

I stayed in for 30 minutes though. I felt that was a good time, and I don’t know if I got that much out of it but no one workout is enough. That is the thing. Today is worthless without tomorrow, but I am looking forward to going tomorrow and listening to an audio book. I think this will be a good way to keep me going.

I just have to remember this isn’t a sport anymore and I am not trying to win anything. I am going now to delay my time in crossing the finish line of life instead of going to lift the most weight or run the fastest or all the other silly things I tried in the past. A four chambered heart is much more important than a six pack belly at this stage in my life.

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