The Price of Wisdom

As we grow older we grow wiser. We learn things and think I wish someone had told me that when I was younger. Then we try and tell those that are younger and they don’t listen or don’t understand. We think when we are young that it is the old that are stuck in their ways but as we grow older we learn it is the young that are stuck in theirs.

Patterns repeat and the new generation is always foolish while our generation is wise. This is foolish thinking. The old learn from the young as much as the young learn from the old. We teach each other and through sharing of knowledge we become better humans.

The price of wisdom is age. Flexibility of thought is not something I had before. Before I thought, knew, I was right and everyone else was wrong. Now I know how little I know and understand how different everyone else’s experience is.

I started thinking about age and wisdom and all that jazz for a couple reasons. The first was when I stripped naked in the rec center locker room and took a shower across the way from another naked gentleman. In the days of my youth I was shamed by my nakedness. I tried to hide it. Even in locker rooms and showers. Now I understand that it isn’t me feeling shame about my naked body but others feeling whatever it is they feel. That is nothing for me to worry about. Let them feel it. It is easier to wash in a shower if you are naked and it is easier to change clothes if you don’t care about your nakedness.

The second is I bought a cider donut flavored cider because I thought it said cider stout. It is the first cider I have ever bought for myself and it is delicious. I have had ciders before and I have ordered a pint or two of cider but I’ve never bought it and brought it home for myself. Cider is one of those things the younger me would look down on. Would tell myself to drink real beer and blah blah blah. Foolishness. Cider is tasty and enjoyable and we don’t have enough life to waste on things that aren’t tasty and enjoyable.

Wisdom is understanding. It is understanding that a public locker room is a fantastic place to run around naked and that drinking delicious ciders does nothing to harm your worth as a man.

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