Sinking Lower

For some unknown reason I can never stop myself from reading the comments section on local news stories and I do have to give the troll farms and bot accounts some credit here. They are good at coordinated attacks. Every comment is either a troll, a bot, or a right wing idiot. I had to Google one of their memes tonight and good lord just when I thought people couldn’t get any dumber or make themselves look like bigger fools than they already were they go and do it.

This new meme or new to me meme comes from some NASCAR race where the redneck hillbilly crowd that was supposed to be boycotting NASCAR because of Bubba Wallace existing or something like that chanted F Joe Biden during the victory celebration of some dude named Brandon so the announcer tried to cover it up by saying they were chanting let’s go Brandon. Now all this right wing idiots just type Brandon in response to any news article.

Remember that episode of Friends where it turned out Ross had made up his own secret language so that he could cuss and everyone laughed at him because he was an idiot. Yep, that is who the right in America want to be. They are complete and utter fools. It is like they are trying to be parodies of themselves.

The sad part is that according to polls they aren’t losing where it matters. They might look like the biggest idiots in the world, they might attach the US Capitol, and they might make up fake cuss words so they can be idiots online but they aren’t losing votes. The Virginia governors race is reportedly neck and neck and I can’t believe anyone that supports what happened on January 6 and has the support of Donald Trump could win and yet there are that many dumb people out there.

They say to think of the average American and then to realize half the country is dumber than that. It is completely true. These people keep sinking lower and lower, looking dumber and dumber, and I don’t think there is a bottom and if it is I doubt they ever find it. They are just so dumb and it is like they are proud of it and want to be even dumber than they already are.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around just how dumb these people are but the fact that they want to be that way and they put on daily performances to show people how dumb they are is the most amazing thing. I really just don’t get it.

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