TNT Is Not A Good TV Partner

Normally on Wednesday nights AEW is on TNT but only when it isn’t basketball season or I guess now hockey season. Let me back up a little. Normally on Wednesday nights AEW is on TNT. quipped with that knowledge I decided to kill the time from 7:40 to 8:00 by playing Far Cry 6. I was not successful and finished at 8:15. No big deal.

I tuned the television to TNT and discovered that the Washington Capitals were on but it was on commercial so I thought, “Hey AEW must be on TBS.” When you have streaming TV you don’t have TV channels and stations are listed alphabetically. That created some work for me.

After scrolling almost all the way through the alphabet to T I was shocked to learn AEW was not on TBS. So, I finally Googled it and it’s on Saturday but that could have been last Saturday. I am not sure. The only thing I am sure of is it wasn’t on tonight.

I decided to go back to the Capitals game because hey I like them too, but it was in intermission which on TNT means Charles Barkley is trying to play hockey with Wayne Gretzky. It went about as well as expected and then it went to commercial. At this time I decided to get up and get a cider before coming back to watch this game that must surely be back on soon. I got back as the commercial ended in time for them to announce it was intermission and head to another commercial. At this time I said, “Capitals games need that May guy during intermissions,” and decided it was time to watch Only Murders in this Building.

My thought on this is TNT is a terrible broadcast partner. First I wanted to watch AEW which wasn’t on and there was no crawl telling me what happened to the show I tuned in to see meaning TNT doesn’t think anyone is tuning in to see it and then the hockey game I would have watched if there had been a hockey game or at least some form of entertainment during intermission was instead one long commercial except for the brief part used to promote the NBA on TNT.

TNT should give up pretending to care about anything other than the NBA and just merge with the NBA network because to anyone else they are a terrible broadcast partner. I would have been perfectly happy watching the Washington Capitals, they are my favorite hockey team but there was nothing hockey about that broadcast and there was no information about the show that was preempted to make room for the show TNT also didn’t care about except to promote the NBA on TNT.

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