Doing a Socialism

I am now working out almost daily at the local rec center while listening to audio books from the library. I have come to think of this as doing a socialism, and yes, I also drive on public roads to get to the rec center.

The irony of ironies is the other day I saw NRA bumper stickers in both the parking lot of the rec center and the Central Library when we went to get some books for our kids. I don’t know if I need to tell you why this is irony but I will. You see the assault rife worshipping nutters are the ones most likely to call everything they fear socialism while quaking in their boots that the Chinese of coming or whatever.

Does anyone take these people seriously? Don’t answer that. For me there are two types of people left on the American right. Terrorist and those morally bankrupt enough to be complacent to the terrorist.

I do have a lot of anger in me and I freely admit it. A lot of it stems from my father having to wait three months to have critical surgery. I hope the doctors can get things working well enough that he sticks around for another ten or so years but it is a frightening thing to already have the condition that is going to kill you. I can’t imagine it.

What I want when I die is to be uploaded into the cloud. I want a copy of all my memories and my personality to be made to live in cyberspace. I asked my wife if she would think of this as me and she said no, but what is our brain but a type of computer? We are, after all, a collection of our memories and experiences. If we can copy the electronic impulses of the mind and map them on a digital drive somewhere then wouldn’t that still be us?

I don’t think I would mind living without a body as long as I could read or listen to books. Maybe watch TV or play a video game sometime. It would be neat if our afterlife digital copies could go into video games and we could live in those worlds first hand for a bit. I might want some less violent and more relaxing video games for a change than what I normally play.

If we keep going the way we are that technology will be available but it will only be for the super rich and not for those of us that have health insurance or what not. In order for us regular folks to get uploaded we’d probably have to spend the afterlife working to pay off the insurance bills. I think in some of that rambling there’s a sci-fi story waiting to happen.

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