There’s a Halloween Multiverse?

I saw somewhere today that the new Halloween movie was streaming on Peacock and then I decided to watch it tonight. It is about what you’d expect from the four thousandth film in a franchise. Was it good? No. Was it enjoyable? I’m unsure. But was it fun? Yes.

I joked to my friend when I started watching it that a 2021 slasher film would actually be about a slasher racking up a huge body count but no one caring. I was close on the plot of Halloween kills. Instead of no one caring the actions of every character lead to their own deaths. The movie can be described as a bunch of hillbillies trying to fight Michael Myers and dying in embarrassing fashion.

Except for one character, Laurie Strode. Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her roll from previous Halloween movies and plays her famous final girl once again. As I am not a regular watcher of the Halloween movies I had a moment where I thought I had seen her die in a previous Halloween movie and I had to Google it.

In Halloween H20 Laurie Strode appears to kill Michael Myers for good but in search of profit he comes back and it is explained that Strode killed an innocent man, but in Halloween Resurrection Michael Myers gets to off Laurie Strode, but that’s not the end. Because Strode v Myers is such a blockbuster clash they brought them both back in a direct sexual in 2018 that I had no idea existed. The way this was explained is that there is a Halloween multiverse.

In one universe Laurie Strode dies in an off-screen car crash, in another she is killed in Halloween Resurrection, and it yet another she is still alive in this movie here. They didn’t explain it that she had a twin or it was just someone that looked like her. Nope, Halloween Resurrection completely happened but so does this movie. They just happen to be different universes.

This opens up the door for so many possibilities. Perhaps Michael Myers is the only one that can stop Michael Myers. Someone just has to travel to the right universe to grab the right Michael Myers. I don’t know. All I know is that the final scenes of this movie were crazy. Michael Myers kills everyone. The entire town tries to attack him and they all die.

What is amazing is they figure out what he wants. Michael Myers wants to go home. Rope off the house and call it the Michael Myers Memorial Museum or something and don’t let anyone go near it. If Michael wants the house that bad and no one can stop him let him have it. Now no one else dies. It isn’t the traditional end for a horror movie but at this point it’s the only way they should be allowed to stop him.

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