Little Pause Buttons

I feel like I should have been asleep for an hour by now. Instead I am writing this and then heading back into the living room to read. I have been reading in bed and enjoying that quite a bit but tonight it is too late for that and my wife is too sick. Still I should be an hour asleep right now.

What happened? Our children happened. When you have three children and are ready to wind down for the day there is always one of them that isn’t. Add this to a day that was stressful to begin with and things feel like they are spiraling out of control.

Today to re-assure me that I have made the correct decision to step back from actively doing pet sitting for our company. Being out in the field only makes matters worse. I’m not the best pet sitter we have and the office work requires far too much attention. There is a lot that needs doing here and here is where I am needed. Even if I’m not the one working then I can be the one watching the children while my wife is working. We can trade off and we can get things done.

The kids make everything difficult. I feel like I have been getting ready to sit down and read since around 6:00 PM tonight. Now I did opt to play video games for a bit but that wasn’t too long of a time and then it was helping the kids to clean up their play room and then up to bed where the girl child refused to be tired so I brought her downstairs and watched a show on Netflix.

I also have a flaw where I don’t count certain things as doing something for myself. Watching a TV show that I allegedly enjoyed watching was very much doing something for myself but it still feels like I’ve been waiting to sit down and relax for four hours. That is what children are. A giant pause button on life. They require your attention and they cannot wait.

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