When Goals Interfere

Let’s take a journey back to January of this year. It was time to set my Goodreads reading goal for the year 2021. I decided to be optimistic. Not about reading but about life getting back to normal. I decided to set the goal at 35 books. That is less than one a week. Somewhere around three a month. Sounds like a good goal for someone running a business while having three children at home.

I don’t know exactly when I hit 35 books but it was much earlier than in December so I revised it up to 52 and soon hit that as well so I pushed it to 90 the goal I had in 2020 when I read 91 books. For most of the year in 2020 I didn’t have three children and the pandemic was raging in full force. Meaning I had a lot more time for reading.

Yesterday I read my 90th book of 2021. A lot of this has to do with my now listening to books whenever I am in my car or at the gym but that is another matter. My reading count has ticked up considerably in the last couple months and most of it has to do with my pre-occupation on the goal itself.

I have sitting on my TBR shelf The Dragon Reborn, the third book in The Wheel of Time Series. It is a longer book and I have been avoiding it in order to read shorter quicker books. That is a problem because I would like to continue that story, but that book has smaller type, bigger pages, and more pages than other books. It isn’t just longer it is a slower read as well. That makes it tough to pick it up and go when I have a chance to read 104 books for the year or an average of two a week.

The thing is I am on pace to read 14 books this month and I read 14 in September. If I continue at my October pace and equal that in November and December I will ready 35 more books this year for a total of 125. That sounds insane to me as I type it but it is realistic. It also makes me realize that I can read The Dragon Reborn and hit the goal of 104 books.

I hate the fact that the final number of books I read for the year matters more at this point than the books I read. I wasn’t thinking of goals when I too almost an entire month to read Bleak House. The Dragon Reborn won’t take that long. It is a two week book and I will have the books on tape going during that time.

I don’t think I am going to read it next but it will be the book after next. I have an advanced readers copy I won in a giveaway that I really should read before too much time passes. I really do need to learn to freeze time.

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