All The Treats

The boys have treats on top of treats on top of treats. They have gotten so many treats they have bags overflowing with treats. Just today they did two trick or treating things. One was a surprise we weren’t expecting as I don’t think it was made clear what we were walking into but it was a haunted house type thing at the local country club we wouldn’t be allowed to step foot in otherwise. For some reason we were told there would be lunch and were expecting lunch, and instead the kids got candy.

I can’t argue with it though. My kids had so much fun and the joy they had when they saw another person pressed as Spider-Man was crazy. It is often unexpected what children will take pleasure from and seeing more Spider-Men was something that made them happy.

Then tonight we did a scheduled trunk or treat (our third one this season) and they got even more candy. I am going to have to start taste testing this candy for poison and razor blades soon. There is a mountain of candy in our kitchen and it isn’t even Halloween yet. We haven’t even done the main event.

This has been good training. They can both say treat and they know how to take candy and put it in their bucket. I am also unsure how much I want them to eat candy. Sugar isn’t good for them and the less they get into the habit the better. If I could stop eating chocolate and candy I might consider it for a second or two, but life wouldn’t be good enough without the candy.

They are young and have insane metabolisms. I shouldn’t worry so much, but I do. I’m a parent. It is my job to worry. It is part of the role to believe that every action I take is going to be the one that ruins my child forever.

It is important for them to have fun. I remember trick or treating with a giant pillowcase and getting as much candy as I possibly could and then eating it all within a week. My parents didn’t regulate me. They probably wish they did after I ate 13 packs of Smarties in a row.

I spent a good amount of time after Halloween giving Macho Man big elbows to pillows off the couch. It was always a fun night and week afterwards. I hope my kids can have as much fun with it as I did when I was a kid. They’ve got a good head start on it and soon enough it will be time for the main event. I am excited to see them out on their first Halloween night.

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