Just When I Was Making a Dent

I want to get back to having a more manageable number of books on my to be read shelf. It is currently at 15 and feels like it has always been at 15. Just when I start to make a dent another book or two show up. I have far too many books sitting there and what never feels like enough time to finish them and now I have made an untimely mistake.

I have finished one book so far this month. I know it is only six days old but it doesn’t feel like it is close to enough. It feels like I should be going faster or I will never reach my goal, and today I picked up a 700 page book from the library and had a 900 age book I’ve been looking forward to show up a day early.

I will get to them all in time. I have the books on the shelf in the order I want to read them, but there are always more books and less time. Then there are all the other things I either want to do or should be doing. Life is never having enough time to do the things we want and then wondering how other people have time to do the things they want.

My friend this morning mentioned to me something about the latest season of My 600 Pound Life. I haven’t watched that show for years and I don’t know how many friend has time to do so, but I bet he wonders how I have time to read so many books. We make time to do the things we really want to do, and the things we don’t do aren’t things we wanted to do in the first lace.

The important things though is I get through the books that are in front of me. I need to not buy anymore until I am through the ones I have and I need to get rid of the extra ones I don’t want. It is difficult with the holidays coming up and gift cards or money finding their way to me. The thing I most want to spend them on are books, but I have enough of those and I really should save the money until I am done with what I have.

Everything is set in order and ready to be knocked down. I will reach the reading goal I kept growing and then next year I will consider if maybe I should read less. I doubt I can at this point, but here it is a little after 8:30 and I can barely keep my eyes open. I am throwing away a good hour and a half to two hours of the night that I could use for TV or video games or something else that is not reading before crawling into bed. Instead I am too tired and this day is done.

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