This Month Just Started

I asked my wife today if she felt like it should be much later in the month and she agreed. She told me that it felt like it was the 15th or 17th already and I agreed. It feels like Christmas should be a week away and that 2022 is right around the corner. Instead we are still at the beginning of December and it is both feeling like it is going by too fast and is never going to end.

I have mentioned before my approach to goals and why I am not a big fan of them. As of right now I need to read three more books to complete my 2021 reading goal. I am about 150 ages away from the end of one book, am a good way through an audio book, and have a number of other books I am excited to read on the horizon. It is doubtful I won’t accomplish this goal.

Still I get the feeling that December is off to a much slower start than other months. I don’t know why this is the case. If it is because my days are more full of activities or if it is that I have chosen to read longer books or what is going on exactly, but add all of this together and I am feeling like I won’t meet my goal.

I visited the Goodreads website yesterday after the outage ended. I don’t often go to the website and use the app far more frequently. On the website I noticed under the goals it said I am five books ahead of schedule. If this is true then 120 books for the year could still happen. I don’t know if that is really something I need or want to happen as I am thinking I am going to try and tackle the 900 page book I just got before going after the 700 page library book, but that is a lot of pressure.

I have finished longer books in short periods of time but we have a lot of activities going on. Tomorrow is full of meetings and other things that won’t allow me much time to read and then there are Christmas parties and so much else to do. There is an outside chance I don’t accomplish this goal. It would be hard to trip and fall at the finish line but it is possible and I can’t ignore that.

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