Reflections on 2021

This is a post that should have been written two days ago. It is funny how we walk through doors and think we cannot look back. I was too busy and too tired to do much as 2021 wound down and so I never took a moment to reflect.

All in all 2021 was a good year. My big goal was to continue to read. I originally set my reading goal for 35 books as I didn’t know how business was going to go and the third child made things quite busy. Around May I discovered audio books and then began reading right before bedtime which added a lot of books to the completion pile. I ended up reading 125 books reading 15 books a month in October, November, and December.

Finding audio books and all the library has to offer might have been the best part of 2021 but then I also started going to the rec center to workout. Working out for me is now just cardio but it is important cardio. It is necessary. I started in October and have gone at least three days every week since I started. Even when I was too busy to write.

I have not lost a single pound but I do look better in the mirror and can look down in the shower and see body parts I hadn’t seen for awhile. It also gives me some extra time for the audio books.

Those are the two biggest personal developments I achieved in 2021 but it also so us getting the business back on track and many fun adventures with the family. As I said 2021 was a good year. The boys started pre-school and have enjoyed every minute of it. They have made a few friends and have learned a lot. We are looking forward to that continuing in 2022.

If 2022 is nothing but a repeat of 2021 then it will also be a good year but we are hoping for more growth and more change as time progresses.

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