Not The Parent You’re Looking For

Thanks to living in Virginia and our new governor, Glenn Youngkin, boasting how all parents support him and his regressive agenda Facebook has decided to send me a bunch of ads for things I don’t agree with. Stuff like School Choice which is code for racism and government subsidized religion and groups that want to ban books and the like.

I had the thought earlier today of why am I the way I am and not some other way. How did I end up so opposed to stuff like this when it all could have gone the other way? I think it was my parents and the time they grew up in.

I wasn’t born until my parents were 40 years old and that means my parents were teenagers in the midst of stuff like Elvis appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show and HUAC banning writers in Hollywood. My parents where kids during their own crisis of regressive morons not too different than the one we face now.

I thought about it a little more and asked myself would my parents have been different if Facebook were around when I was young. Then I remembered that one of the first albums my mother bought me had the completely non-secretive title of Kill Them All. There was no hiding that that album might contain things inappropriate for some audiences, and my mother had bought it for me anyway along with albums like Ride The Lightning and Symphony of Destruction. All very obvious in their names.

A Facebook group of restrictive parents asking my mother if she knew what her child was up to wasn’t going to change anything because it was my mother giving me albums with bloody corpses on the front of them despite the fact that my mother listened to nothing more hardcore than Buddy Holly. Still, my mother wasn’t going to give into a Satanic panic. She had grown up at a time when grown-ups wanted to do away with Elvis’s pelvis and were afraid of the next Trumbo film.

I don’t think I need to question why I am the way I am. It is the right way, after all. We, certainly, wouldn’t want to be on the other side trying to ban made up classes from schools and crying about how every book is corrupting poor little Jimmy.

I expect to keep getting these ads, because I am a parent, and I am in Virginia, but I am not the parent they are looking for.

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