The Next Great Adventure

I wonder if I could turn this into a business or at least something that makes money. I have noticed a few things. A lot of my older posts are suddenly getting likes and shares. The readership numbers still appear to be low but I don’t think that counts people that read directly through their email or people that read it in the WordPress app. I’m really unsure how the readership numbers are counted and it is very weird when I get more likes in a day than I have viewers to the site.

The most popular posts I have are the ones on parenting and literature, and I wonder if I could combine those things. Maybe give this blog an actual direction and write posts that are interesting to people other than myself. Parenting blogs, vlogs, YouTube channels, and the like are all very popular, and books are making a comeback.

How does someone combine literature and parenting? I don’t know the answer to that. The easy solution is to read all the books under attack by people like Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin and offer up reviews of them or to find classic literature that has parents in it and write about it from that perspective.

My thought is that turning this website into a money making thing could give me motivation. I don’t know how this will make money offer than increasing the readership and the best way to do that is to give it a direction. This website is purposefully directionless. It is called David Huzzard Writes because I am David Huzzard and this is a place for my writing, and right now that is this rambling journal experiment.

The biggest problem with David Huzzard Writes is no one care who David Huzzard is or what he does. Changing the title to Fatherhood Book Adventures would give it more of a direction and purpose and a theme. It would open it up to writing reviews of not only the books I read but the books I read my children and who doesn’t want to read a review of the Peek-a-Who book my daughter demanded I read to her 15 times in a row tonight.

I am also uncertain if I want to change anything about this site. I like it the way it is and as I said it is starting to get good attention. I can give it more of a theme and direction without changing the name. I can write about fatherhood, parenting, and literature as much as I want. I have always been a person who wants my content to be what brings attention to my craft and not branding and marketing.

The very best thing to do might be to figure out something other than these journal entries to write. The experiment worked. It created a habit. I sit here and write most every night. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to put away the journals for a bit and try another experiment. Give me 24 hours and tomorrow I might be here with something different. We will see. And don’t be afraid to leave a comment below.

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