The Answer is More Writing

The other day I mentioned wanting to get more readers for this site. There is no magic formula for that. There are things I can do like liking and commenting on other people’s blogs but the best thing to do is keep writing. In order to have readers people need a reason to visit the site. They need new posts to read and those posts have to be entertaining.

In all my years of writing on the internet the one thing I’ve learned is that you’ll always be surprised by what other people like. I wrote a post earlier this week that I remember thinking was just awful. It turns out that that is my most read post of the week. That is what resonates with people. The person we surprise the most is often ourselves. The reason for that is probably because we think we know ourselves but we really don’t know anything.

So that’s the thing if I just keep adding content to this site and perhaps do two posts a day instead of one that will increase the readership and the more readers I get the more this site will spread or something because that is how the internet works.

I really don’t know if there is a way to market this site. I don’t know if I can do ads for a blog that was designed as a place to collect my writing, and I am also doing my work newsletter now. I am tired tonight because I wrote two lengthy blog posts back to back this morning. One for my work newsletter and the second for this site.

Mental stimulation is more tiring than physical stimulation, and my children are not tired at all tonight. They are upstairs screaming and refusing to speak. It might be time to try and teach them math. At two and a half they can barely count but I know no other way to get mental stimulation than asking them to do math.

They are very ornery right now and it could be a long night. They are running through the halls and are going to have to play themselves out. This is all irrelevant to what this post is supposed to be about. I need to figure out mental stimulation for my children and I need to keep the increase in writing output from making me so tired.

The lesson here is a simple one, and that is the best answer to getting more readers on this site is to write more. It gives people a reason to visit more often, increases the chances that I’ll write a post that resonates, and more posts will create a wider variety and will attract readers with various interests.

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