Wordle With Friends

What is it about the latest craze that’s sweeping the internet? That hot new boogie-woogie wordle game that it seems like everyone is playing and sharing all over their social. It’s the first thing I do every morning and shouldn’t be. I get frustrated easily, feel like I’ve completely forgotten the English language, and at times want to spike my phone into the ground. Yet, I take the time to eventually figure out the word and have now started to join everyone else in tweeting out my colored blocks (it doesn’t work on my Facebook for some reason).

Why do we do this? Is Wordle expanding our vocabulary? I feel it exposes how limited mine is. I always know the word of the day but it has taken me some misadventures to figure out a few of the words and some days I am yelling at my phone screen, “I don’t know any words that start with S and have an E in them.”

If you are unfamiliar with Wordle it is a website you can go to each day to guess the five-letter word of the day. You get six tries and after each try, you are told if the letters you have chosen are gray and not in the word at all, yellow and in the word but in the wrong location, or green and in the word and right location. It is simple, addictive, and activates some social function of our brain that feels the need to share our successes and failure with our community.

I am no psychologist nor do I play one on TV but I do know that I feel the pull of Wordle every morning. I want to solve that bloody puzzle as soon as I’m awake enough to do it, and I look forward to the next one. The sharing of it is something else entirely and probably close to the psychological factor that causes hunters to hang deer heads on their walls or book collectors to fill bookshelves. We want to share our accomplishments with our friends.

But there is always that one jerk. I’m sure you know the one. You share your Wordle score, proud you got a difficult word on your third try, and they respond, “I got it in two.” Perhaps they just want you to know about their accomplishment but I’ve been done giving people the benefit of the doubt for a long time and while pissing on someone else’s lawn won’t make your grass any greener it is some humans’ favorite activity. It is also the danger of sharing anything on social media.

Our need to compete is another reason I think we do share our Wordle scores. Sure, Johnny Jackass got the one up on you today but you know that he’s going to run into some word that is going to take him all six tries that you’re going to get in two or three, and then you can dunk on his ass when he shares his colored blocks for that day. We’re human beings, it is in our nature to share, compete, and be social.

I’m not going to say Wordle unlocks the best of us, but it is an interesting social experiment to watch and see how people react. It is fun to see people sharing strategies and first words. My biggest downfall is I get stuck on SH words. They feel like great starter words but then I can only think of other SH words even if the S and the H have been eliminated. I like using steak as a starter word but that is because I like steak.

now that you know something of my strategy, triumphs, and tragedy while playing Wordle I hope to hear some of yours, and if you enjoyed reading this please consider subscribing and sharing with your friends.

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