Monday nights are becoming the time I reflect on our church experience. I find the study of the Bible and other religious texts to be quite interesting. This past weekend we went over the section in Luke where Jesus heals a paralyzed man.

It is a section that brings up the idea of faith, forgiveness, and a whole lot of other things, but when I thought about the paralysis aspect of it I kept seeing the paralysis as more of a metaphorical type of paralysis. Jesus tells the man he is forgiven and this causes great controversy so he answers that challenge by telling the paralytic to get up and walk and he does.

In our lives we all feel paralyzed at time. Gripped by indecision of stuck in the doldrums. We sit around waiting for something to happen when we should be the ones making it happen. The idea of action and more importantly selfless action is very important throughout the New Testament of the Bible.

I think about the story of the paralyzed man in connection to the parable of the Good Samaritan and how the first couple people that pass the man that was beaten up and robbed are gripped by a sort of paralysis. They do not act, but then the third man, the Samaritan, does, and Jesus asks his student who is the man’s neighbor and his student answers, “The one who helps.”

Now here is a man before Jesus who is paralyzed. In the story the man is literally paralyzed and Jesus first forgives him of his sins. He then asks what is easier to forgive someone of their sins or to tell them to get up and walk. To me this is foreshadowing the Second Covenant, Jesus displaying his power, and saying to his followers that he is the one that can perform the miracles but he won’t be around for long and mankind can’t heal a paralyzed man but they can forgive sins.

We all find ourselves metaphorically paralyzed at times and in these times we should forgive ourselves. Perhaps not forget our guilt and regret and other thoughts that weigh heavy on the heart but forgive ourselves. Come to terms that we are allowed to have those feelings. Then our paralysis will lift and we can live a life of action.

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