A Measuring Stick or Something

The personal push-up challenge hit its second brick wall and this one hit harder than the first. I can’t describe the feeling exactly but a number of push-ups that wasn’t difficulty that was actually starting to feel easy suddenly became very difficult. It happened with target 140. around 134 things became very difficult to get and I could feel the failure. Each day I was more sore than the last and at 138 I hit failure. I eventually got that and then I did hit 140 but I couldn’t go any further and I pulled the trigger on a different path a lot faster this time.

On the last day of trying I collapsed at 110. I could go no further. I didn’t even try for 142 a second day and dropped things back to 120 adding one push-up each day. Hopefully this is a solid path forward but again I don’t know if this will get me to the end of the year. We have a lot of days left in the year and adding just one push-up a day is going to take us deep into uncharted territory.

My feeling on it is each failure brings new success. Sure, I go backwards to start with but I take an easier path that takes me further each time. I never thought I’d get past 90 adding five push-ups each day and then I got up to 142 adding two push-ups each day. I am hoping with the one push-ups each day I can make it to 200.

I already have the next plan though. When I start to feel the challenge a bit too much again I am going to have to hit a target number for multiple days in a row before moving on. I am thinking three days in a row and then add two additional push-ups to start with. This is an ever evolving challenge.

Here is the thing though. I am wondering if my sudden failure and turn of mood is a measuring stick of something else. It coincided with both daylights saving times, an absolutely horrible week, and the arrival of an entire carton of Snickers Easter candy that I’ve been munching on. Add loss of sleep, increased stress, and poor eating habits together and it is no wonder exercise has gotten a lot more difficult.

I also haven’t been doing nearly as many bonus push-ups during the day. The high street atmosphere shrunk my motivation to almost nothing. I am hoping that once everything settles in and life starts treating me a little better I can turn things around. The push-up challenge is an overall useless endeavor if nothing else in life is going right. Either that or it is the thing that keeps me grounded. That no matter what I get up each morning and do some push-ups. One way or another the only path forward is forward.

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