An Easter Prayer

In this season of sacrifice, 
amidst a world torn asunder,
I turn my voice upon high
and ask that those with ears might hear
devotions and lamentations in equal measure.
You, Lord, do not need to hear
for all paths lead to you,
all paths lead home,
in the sky, Lord, in the sky.
The world needs to hear.
Needs your knowledge and wisdom,
and steadfast love to be bestowed upon it.
As mere threads in the tapestry of fate
we see the world through a mirror dimly
failing to reason and understand
your ineffable plan.
You are unknowable, unspeakable,
beyond our comprehension.
Yet we try.
The more we try we fail.
How disappointed you must be
in every atrocity carried out in your name.
A meddlesome priest stabbed in your church,
a pious holy father turning his back
on your chosen people,
and the orthodox preachers justifying
the destruction and desecration
of the peaceful breadbasket of the world.
It was Jesus who broke bread at the Last Supper,
proclaimed it his body,
and offered salvation and eternal life.
If Jesus was your word made flesh,
the embodiment of the love
you wrote upon our hearts,
then the bread, food of the soul, seed of the earth,
was your word returned to us in kind.
In this season of sacrifice
I gently request for you
to deliver upon your promise
to make us, who are no people,
the children of God.
Welcome us to your
gracious and loving bosom.
Rebuke the wicked in the name
of all who are blood and ash
so that man no longer
takes up arms against man
and swords and spears
become plowshares and pruninghooks
at long last.
In this season of sacrifice
as we ruminate and meditate
upon the passion and resurrection
of the Son of Man
I ask who will roll away our stone,
who will ease our burden,
who will fulfill the promise
of the Prince of Peace
and bring about the life
that is truly life?
I ask that you, Lord,
carry my words to those that need to hear.
I ask that you, in your wisdom,
end the suffering of man
on Earth as it is in Heaven
for the Kingdom of God
is in our midst,
written upon our hearts.
Jesus died because of the sins of man.
The doubts of Peter, the greed and betrayal of Judas,
but most of all the oppression and colonization
by the Roman state.
I ask you, Lord, to take the hearts
that prefer to be stone
and turn them towards Jerusalem.
Share your steadfast love with
the most wicked among us
and grant them understanding
of the evil they do.
In this season of sacrifice,
amidst a world torn asunder,
I ask those that need to hear, hear,
and your covenants ring across
all lands and bring humankind
to peace at last.

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