Consistency Is Difficult

Thoughts are spinning through my mind. Too fast to keep up. I haven’t written consistently in so long too much has happened in the world. I had at least fifteen thoughts for tonights post spring the course of the day and I am writing none of them. There is also the fact that I skipped writing Friday and Saturday night when I should have as well.

The world is a frightening place. I don’t believe I have to tell you that and if I do I wonder why you aren’t frightened. Think about this. We are going to have a suicide bomber strike a public event in this country soon. I don’t know how soon. It could be a year or two away or it could be next week, but it will happen. An active shooter is already a pseudo suicide bomber. Mass shootings are just another form of suicide. A type of suicide where the shooter takes a bunch of innocent people with them.

We are in the midst of an active civil war. One side fighting for their culture. To preserve their way of life. While the other is made up of normal people just trying to live their lives and make the world a nice place for future generations. One side believes this is a war. Their favorite cable news station calls everything a war (the Culture War, the War on Christmas) and their favorite politician tells them they need to stand back and stand by and the fight to take back their country.

There are people in this country who truly believe they are at war. That they are fighting for what is right and to defeat a great evil. The problem I have is that I’m part of that evil. Call it selfish and petty if you’d like but I am afraid of dying. I have seen childless adults at the aquarium and amusement park wearing shirts proclaiming how they’re going to protect the children. Protect whose children from what? I have an idea that eventually some deluded individual will wish to protect my children from me.

This is a scary time to be alive. I am starting to believe the reason I stopped writing for a bit is I no longer wanted to let my thoughts out. They were better locked up. Then they were only in my mind. Now they are loose in the world for others to see.

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