Defending Reality

You can’t call yourself
a critical thinker
when you’re so willing
to swim in bullshit.

Still saying this is a hoax
because a false Facebook prophet
and a Youtube hillbilly in a pick-up
told you so.

Oh no that isn’t it.
You’ve analyzed the numbers yourself
and reached your only conclusions.
Only you forgot
there’s people already using
the hospital beds you say are plenty.

You want to believe
glorious leader is untouchable,
un-corruptible, unable to make a mistake,
so you call the truth a lie and refuse
to believe any source that
doesn’t adhere to your worldview.

I’m sorry to say,
you must have failed
Conspiracy 101.
Follow the money, son.
Ask who benefits, and
I’m afraid you’ll find
it’s your buddy boy
The Charlatan in Chief.

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