Reality Check

When the first teacher at our children’s pre-school tested positive for covid we should have known the eventual was going to happen and today it did. Two additional positive tests later and the school is closed for the next week and a half, and those are just the positives we know about.

There is the question of how many children ended up with it and of those how many were tested. All the children exposed had to quarantine immediately but how many of those parents then did and what other precautions were taken? We have gotten no report that our children were ever in contact with any of the three teachers that tested positive but their teacher did reveal that for her other job she has to be tested every week which means she doesn’t have the vaccine.

This is concerning. I want my children in an environment of people that care about children and there is nothing more irresponsible than being around children during a global pandemic and being unvaccinated. People are going to look back at this time and wonder how we could have all been so irresponsible and it is all of us.

With so many unvaccinated refusing to take precautions the risk for spread is high even among the vaccinated. The unvaccinated might be 99% of the cases but the vaccinated are still getting it and because we show milder symptoms we could be spreading it without even knowing it. If two vaccinated people come in contact there is little chance of spread and if there is then the symptoms are very likely mild, but our current situation is not that.

So many people have chosen to be willfully ignorant to a degree of being malicious with their ignorance. They feign self-righteousness and talk about choice. My choice is to not have my child get sick and the unvaccinated are currently causing this disease to linger and continue to spread. Things are getting worse than they’ve ever been before and it isn’t even winter yet. Once the world moves inside things are going to be so much worse.

We can’t shutdown again. We can’t go back to that because we didn’t take the proper measures in the first place when shutdown. We didn’t take care of people’s economic needs enough the first time and the second would be even worse. What we need is for the people happily spreading the disease and ignoring the needs of their community to get vaccinated. We need the people that don’t care about anyone but themselves to start caring.

At this point I know that is impossible and the only way out is to hope they approve the vaccine for all children soon and I can stop worrying about the ignorant fools of society and let Mother Nature take its course.

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